SKIN’S and its PARTNERED beauty salons:

A partnership set up to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers as regards hair removal

A repeatable and free-of-charge training path supports our partners into hair removal excellence. The training experience begins from the approach to treatment fundamentals and develops through an advanced specialisation course up to a Master’s course which acknowledges the specialisation of the best beauty salons. Three consecutive appointments which enable the beauty salon to make the difference in the world of hair removal thanks to Skin’s. All this is backed up by a technical protocol of manual skills which helps the beautician become a true technique specialist.


The meeting aims to provide beauty operators with the fundamentals of the waxing system Skin's Best Brazilian Waxing. Practice alongside theoretical information will indicate the arguments to introduce Skin’s treatment into the beauty salon.


The meeting aims to optimise the performances of Skin's treatment. Practice alongside specific theoretical information will specialise attendees in offering Skin’s system to the most demanding consumers.


The meeting fosters awareness in the opportunities offered by Skin's, enhances the professional beauty operator’s competences and creativity so as to acquire new customers and retain existing ones, educating them to prepare their body for waxing.

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