Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing

The first and original brazilian waxing system.

What is Skin’s MISSION?

Enhancing the competences of beauticians lies at the heart of Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing project. This revolutionary hair-removal technique and the high-performing products meet women’s and men’s requirements with surprising results. Thanks to Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing you will gain fresh enthusiasm in your work and will boost your creative skills. Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing method will enable you to optimise hair-removal time and increase profitability as well as the turnover of your beauty salon.

Skin’s can be found in qualified beauty salons only.

Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing is not sold online, or to individuals anywhere in the world. Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing service can be found exclusively in partnered beauty salons who have decided, with great commitment and passion, to make the difference in the industry of professional hair removal with Skin’s, and to strengthen their leadership as a symbol of excellence and selectivity.

Skin’s Best Brazilian Waxing, the original and most imitated system of Brazilian waxing

What are the extraordinary features of Skin’s?

Find out why SKIN’S has become the international quality standard for professional hair removal with the Brazilian method.


SKIN'S waxes melt at low temperatures. In fact, they have a much lower usage temperature than traditional waxes which is closer to body temperature.


SKIN'S waxes do not require the use of strips and are applied directly on small and large areas with a single move, practical and fast for maximum hygiene.


SKIN’S waxes incorporate the hair, even the shortest and most resistant, and gently pull it out without sticking to the skin, for a pleasant, effective and tailored-made treatment.


SKIN'S waxes are suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive one. The system includes specific pre and post waxing products to leave your skin hydrated, soft and silky.


Compared to traditional waxes, SKIN'S can capture hairs in depth, even those in the anagen phase, increasing time intervals between one treatment and another.


SKIN’S waxes can be applied in a simple and fast manner, be easily removed from the skin with a single move, without using strips for a pleasant and non-traumatic treatment.


SKIN’S offers its partners a harmonised customer proposition, seamless support and an aligned image within the institute and throughout the territory to give added value to the beautician’s work and meet the end user’s needs.


SKIN’S offers a free and always repeatable training path consisting of three steps, to maximise performances, speed up application and foster the awareness of the opportunity provided by the brand.


Skin's cooperates with the top press media operating in the professional beauty industry, including magazines, radio broadcasts, digital TV and social media to increase the partners’ visibility through the brand nationally and internationally.